Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reach Total Care Dental Floss | Big Innovation Comes in Small Packages











A review of dental floss, you ask? Not only is Reach a product I'm eager to recommend, its a great example of how the much-overused "I Word" can be accomplished through small, incremental change as opposed to the huge leaps many associate with the term "innovation". Reach Total Care isn't a complete rethinking of floss or dental hygiene, and it didn't have to be. The team at J&J did a fantastic job identifying real opportunities to make a better version of a relatively generic product, and delivered on that insight with improvements which count. By utilizing a stretchy, elastic-like material for the floss, it's virtually tear proof – yet slides easily between even the the most tightly spaced teeth. And the slightly rough-feeling "Micro Groove" technology (I'm a sucker for a good trademark) claims to grab twice the plaque of the other leading brand, all while feeling super comfortable wrapped around your fingers – no need to cut off circulation, its stretchiness creates a secure grip on its own. Neat little package too. Available in several varieties including Mint, Listerine, Flouride and Whitening for about $4.99/pack.

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