Friday, December 23, 2011

GKI Bethlehem Artificial Christmas Trees | Fake Trees Get Real


















Apologies for such delayed posts, I know its been a while between drinks… keeping this blog up-to-date is high on my list of New Years resolutions. So back to it with a timely review of advanced Xmas technology – GKI's incredibly well designed artificial trees. At first it seemed odd to post about a product created to replicate something real, but after living with one of these beautiful simulations for a few weeks I've come to appreciate the level of engineering and artistry it takes to achieve what GKI offers. Essentially commercial-grade trees now available for the home (GKI has manufactured holiday lighting for stores and public displays for decades), the truly natural look and feel belies their complex integrated LED lights, robust structure and streamlined setup / takedown system. I'll skip the moral rant about cutting down living things for short term entertainment purposes – there are high costs incurred by people and the planet making these things in China – but if you're convinced "there's nothing like a real tree," take a look at for another option next year. $200-$600 depending on size and complexity, our gorgeous 7" Spruce cost $275 delivered and should last a lifetime.

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