Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete BBC Series | Boycott Robert Downey’s Version

Many people are surprised to hear that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic tales of the great Victorian detective are among the most widely read in the world, a close second only to the bible in terms of print copies (and, I’d venture, in the lead with respect to actual readership). What makes them so wonderful, why his characters have captured readers’ imaginations across every nationality and culture for the past 100+ years, is a subject better left to the numerous websites devoted to that subject. But I’d like to ensure – particularly before Robert Downey Jr. does irrevocable damage to the franchise in his upcoming action movie (loosely based on the stories) – that people have a chance to appreciate their true greatness in the form of Jeremy Brett’s definitive embodiment of Holmes, along with the two perfect Watsons who shared that role over the course of several seasons on the BBC. Whether you are new to the tales or already an avid fan, this remastered box set is one of those rare DVD collections that’s worth owning. About $185 from Amazon, watch out for inexpensive bootlegs from China that sell for much less.

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