Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playsam Saab Concept 001 | The Essence of a Once Great Car Company

The recent bankruptcy of Saab, after years of mismanagement by its owner GM (what hasn’t General Motors mismanaged?) was a sad event for anyone who appreciates the brilliant and sometimes quirky designs the Swedish firm was known for. I’ll always be able to recall Saab’s best while caressing this gorgeous hardwood homage to Sixten Saxon’s 1949 concept 001, which evolved into the production model 92 that set the tone for all pre-GM Saabs to follow. Swedish toymaker Playsam lovingly crafts these executive gifts (at $140 it isn’t a toy for kids) and other Saab-inspired toys that I recommend to anyone with a bit of extra desk space. And for the record, Sixten Saxon is the coolest name. Ever.

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