Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sucrets Throat Drops | Soothing Memories Since 1932













If your childhood was anything like mine – and I don't necessarily wish that on any of my readers – you may have some fond memories of getting sick back in the 70's. Extra TV time with Sesame Street and The Electric Company, Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch, Lost in Space (are you seeing the pattern of care here?) and cherry Sucrets to calm that sore throat. Aside from the addictive taste and numbing properties of the lozenges themselves (powered by Dyclonine, a mild anesthetic), the appeal was all in the package… smart little tins closed with a satisfying snap, and encouraged the rapid consumption of their contents with the promise of holding your spare marbles, allowance or sticker collection. But those memories got a cold slap in the face in 1994 with the introduction of charmless plastic containers, and I hadn't thought of the brand since. Fast forward to RiteAid last week, where I discovered Insight Pharmaceuticals' new tins that capitalize impressively on the brand equity of Sucrets' famous packaging. My 7 year old loves the retro taste, and I get a kick from sharing an inexpensive bit of nostalgia with my son. Updated graphics and crisp debossing aside, some things don't change – he's already trying to figure out how to get his hands on the box for his pog collection. Four flavors, $3.99/pack.

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