Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nannini Flat Specs | Reading Glasses to Help You Age Gracefully



















I've never been one to get worked up about birthdays, but realizing that my 20/20 vision was going downhill fast hit me pretty hard. I eventually came to like my regular frames,  but drug store readers always left me wanting something better at a reasonable price. Enter Nannini's Flat Specs… designed by Georgio Nannini's Modena-based eyewear company in 1995 (and still manufactured with precision in Italy), ingenious hinges allows these lightweight, comfortable optics to fold into a slim 10mm case which disappears in any pocket. Available in five magnification levels and a range of colors, Flat Specs would be an incredible value at twice their price of $22. Looks like Brad agrees – and if there's a celebrity in this town who truly appreciates good design, it's Mr. Pitt.

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