Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breville Ikon Toaster | Why Would Anyone Blog About a Toaster?

Making toast isn't rocket science, but you might think it was based on the poor performance of most every expensive toaster out there… in fact there seems to be an inverse relationship between a toaster's price and the quality of toast it produces. Add in some sexy design and that slice of warm bread is almost guaranteed to pop up unevenly, under or overcooked. We've probably gone through 5 or 6 of these pricey stainless lumps, each more disappointing than the last. So after our Rowenta blew out I promised my wife that our next would not only make a design statement, it would actually make a decent slice of toast. Fortunately I found one that lives up to that promise. In spite of its simple, handsome form and intuitive controls, Breville's Ikon toasters handle everything from white bread to waffles with aplomb, evenly cooked just how you like it. With their easy to read digital display – controlled by an adjustment dial that turns so smoothly it might have come straight off a Mercedes dashboard – Breville's designers created an honest, contemporary appliance that performs like no other toaster on the market. $70 for the two slice, $90 for the quad.

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