Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Plantronics 975 Headset | Sound and Vision Artfully Combined

I risk violating a prime tenet of Product Fetish by posting about Plantronics’ latest bluetooth headpiece – that this blog wasn’t going to become a “latest and greatest” gadget collection. But having this sleek handsfree glued to my ear for the past three months has solidly placed it in the category of “Stuff I Want to Hug”, so perhaps I’m not breaking the rules too badly. In any case I’ll dispense with the performance specs available elsewhere and just say that the clarity of sound offered by the 975 is unmatched, its battery lasts longer than you’ll ever need it to, and the ingenious leather case (with integral battery to fully charge the headset up to 3 times when you’re on the go, no need to drag along an AC adapter) makes this the best hands free solution available. Top notch build quality too, down to flawless stitching on the surprisingly supple leather. Worth every penny of its admittedly high-end price, you really can’t put a dollar value on not looking like a dork. $130.

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