Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nannini Flat Specs | Reading Glasses to Help You Age Gracefully



















I've never been one to get worked up about birthdays, but realizing that my 20/20 vision was going downhill fast hit me pretty hard. I eventually came to like my regular frames,  but drug store readers always left me wanting something better at a reasonable price. Enter Nannini's Flat Specs… designed by Georgio Nannini's Modena-based eyewear company in 1995 (and still manufactured with precision in Italy), ingenious hinges allows these lightweight, comfortable optics to fold into a slim 10mm case which disappears in any pocket. Available in five magnification levels and a range of colors, Flat Specs would be an incredible value at twice their price of $22. Looks like Brad agrees – and if there's a celebrity in this town who truly appreciates good design, it's Mr. Pitt.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

IC Berlin Frames | Eyeglasses Evolved

Once in the rarest while an object comes along that represents the pinnacle of design for a particular category of product. For eyeglasses, that event occurred about 5 years ago when a small German firm hit the market with a revolutionary concept in materials and engineering. IC Berlin frames are laser cut from thin sheets of surgical stainless steel… an incredibly flexible, feather light metal that can withstand any abuse you throw at them. The unique qualities of the steel are harnessed in a magical hinge that has to be played with to understand its genius – no springs, screws, or additional parts whatsoever. Available in every shape and size imaginable (sunglass and prescription) at price points starting about $350 they’re not inexpensive. But instead of paying that kind of money for oversized “designer” logos that will be out of style next summer, IC Berlin makes glasses for those who prefer to wear brilliant design as all the logo they need.

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