Saturday, May 22, 2010

Termite Skateboards | Top Quality Boards, Kid Sized

Parents who want to buy a skateboard for their kid generally have two options. They can get a piece of junk at Walmart or ToysRUs (often “endorsed” by a big name rider) which hardly rolls, won’t flex properly and is guaranteed to be an impediment to your child ever learning to ride. Or they can pay $150+ for a proper board with decent wheels, bearings and trucks, but with a deck that’s too long for the average child to handle. Do your son or daughter a favor and check out Termite Skateboards for a better solution. Designed by hardcore skaters with a vision – to offer young riders the performance they need in order to learn – Termite boards are in all respects adult quality, scaled down for kids 2 and up. And a wide selection of graphics with age-appropriate, street inspired edge guarantees your little one will look the part when they hit the pavement on their new wheels. Complete decks go for $99, and they even offer discounts to low income families. Good people with a great idea.

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