Thursday, April 29, 2010

Microsoft Arc Keyboard | Even if You Hate Windows…

Like most designers, I’m an Apple kinda guy. I use Windows when I have to, but in the same way I use a public restroom – I wash my hands as soon as I’m done. Well I guess I do that in any restroom, but you get the idea. I’ve always appreciated the quality of Microsoft’s hardware design though, and their new(ish) Arc Wireless Keyboard doesn’t disappoint. Incredibly compact, lightweight and elegant, this little wonder replaced my full-size keyboard and I’ll never go back. Whether on my desk or lap, everything about this product looks and feels just right. From its ergonomic curvature to the surprisingly tactile response of the low profile keys, I type with effortless comfort (and greater accuracy) on the Arc than any keyboard I’ve used to date. And in sharp contrast to Windows’ arcane installation process and confusing operation, the Arc is purely plug ‘n play for any Mac or PC – just insert the tiny wireless receiver in a USB port (it smartly snaps to the board for transport) and you’re ready to type your next brilliant blog post. $59, available in stealth black and looks-like-Apple white.

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