Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Electrolux Ergorapido | Great Little Vacuum, Silly Name

I’ll start this post off with the first negative thing I’ve said on the blog, but this needs to be said. I hate our Dyson vacuum. Its design, though eye catching, is horribly awkward to use. Its heavy. Its plastic housing is poorly assembled and has cracked in four places (with only light use.) And while it may pack the brute “power” to pick up a variety of heavy objects, its real world suction is severely limited by a brush / head design that leaves my kids’ Cheerios scattered on the floor even after numerous passes. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way… in fact friends of ours from Britain took their Dyson to the curb to ceremonially smash it to pieces before moving to the US, a cathartic act for which they found final closure by purchasing a Hoover upon their arrival in LA. But I seriously digress… Don’t let its name dissuade you, Electrolux’s brilliant mini vac is as elegant and functional as a Dyson is overwrought and bloated. This sleek little machine, available in several hip shades, can clean your whole house on a single charge, get into small spaces via its removable handvac, and dance around furniture like Fred Astaire as its head twists and turns almost telepathically linked to your hand. So get that baseball bat and let your Dyson know how you really feel, then head to Target and grab an Ergorapido for $99.

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