Friday, December 18, 2009

Kinexium Shave Oil | Change your Life for $7

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t walk around with an average 3 days stubble just to enhance my manly good looks. Truth be told, I hate to shave. I hate the entire concept of shaving, and I avoid it until the face looking back at me in the mirror simply demands that I do it. Well that may be history since I tried King of Shaves’ Kinexium Shave Oil, a product that’s been around a while but somehow evaded my medicine cabinet until a few weeks ago. Simply put, this magic in a bottle will completely transform the experience of dragging a sharp blade across your face (also works great with electric razors), creating an invisible layer of ultimate slipperiness that allows the razor to glide effortlessly over skin yet trim your beard as close as you could want…. without any burn or irritation. And your face feels absolutely soothed afterwards – smooth, soft and moisturized like the proverbial baby’s bottom. If there’s a slight downside, some may object to the product’s synthetic smell, but it washes off completely with a bit of water. Hard to find at most US shops (King of Shaves is a British firm known throughout the world but oddly undiscovered by Americans), grab it from for about $7.

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