Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bionaire Tower Heater | A Space Heater that’s Earned the Name

Winter nights get pretty cold in LA, and as our baby has yet to figure out how to use a blanket beyond security mode we needed a heater to keep him comfortable (translation: not wake us up 4 times per night). I really have the hots for the solution we found, a space-aged arc of temperature control from Bionaire, a firm that’s always had a knack for well designed devices like this. With an easy to read LED display, two heat settings and useful modes of operation including a timer and thermostat for temperature hold, this unit will silently keep a small room toasty regardless of how chilly it gets out there. Save some money this Winter by turning down the central and plugging in this tower, then enjoy it as a whisper quiet fan the rest of the year. Also available in a smaller model which doesn’t oscillate. About $70.

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