Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miracle Gro LiquaFeed Fertilizer | Lock n’ Load Plant Food

Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is, I’ve got it… and every attempt I’ve made at a decent looking lawn or flower bed has ended in a brown, dried-out reminder. Enter Scott’s Miracle Gro Liquafeed, an ingenious combination of spray nozzle and fertilizer that’s worked like magic for me. Simply screw on a fresh bottle of plant food, flip the switch from “water” to “feed” and squeeze the trigger. Within a week of each use I’ve seen significant increases in new growth and overall healthier looking plants, bushes, flowers and grass (the food is a multi-use formula.) Aside from Scott’s chemistry, their designers did a great job on the delivery system too. Unlike other liquid feeders, their integrated handle / nozzle / bottle is well balanced and ergonomically sculpted, and actually works as a pretty good hose (with 6 spray settings) for the majority of times you’re just going to use it to water those plants.

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