Sunday, August 30, 2009

TidyCat Breeze Litter System | This Litterbox Doesn’t Stink

With two very smelly cats, we’ve tried just about all the pseudo-solutions available which promise to minimize litter odor, and have been disappointed by all but one – TidyCat’s Breeze System. Its use of proprietary pelletized litter, through which liquid waste drains into a special absorbent pad in the base, seems almost too simple to work. But work it does, and you’ll never go back to an ordinary box (or exorbitantly priced “self cleaning” electric gadgets) once you try it. A bit more expensive than a basic box as the pads must be replaced weekly, but it will seriously change the quality of your olfactory life if you have indoor cats. Its easy-to-maintain functionality even lets me overlook the low rent design and color palette. About $30 for the starter set, pads go for $6/pack of 4.

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