Saturday, August 15, 2009

IKEA Markus Chair | An Aeron for Everone

This is probably going to sound like heresy coming from a product designer, but I have never really liked Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. Looks cool sure, but perhaps I’m in the minority thinking that it actually isn’t very comfortable to sit in for long periods (particularly for someone with lower back issues.) Their Mirra is more accommodating, with a better price to boot. But if you’re on a budget I’d advise a look at IKEA’s $199 Markus chair. In black leather with an Aeron-esque mesh back, it’s honestly the most comfortable option I’ve found regardless of price. A handsome design that works well in both contemporary and more traditional environments, the hardware may not be Herman Miller quality, but after hours in this seat your back and butt will feel as refreshed as your wallet.

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