Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remington Short Cut Clippers | Time to Ditch your Barber

Cutting your own hair isn’t for everyone, but men with short styles (about 1cm down to crew cut length) are increasingly finding it a great way to save time and money. Among the many “do it yourself” trimmers available, Remington’s Short Cut stands out with its unique curved cutting head that guarantees an incredibly consistent, even cut. Simply set the desired length (via the adjustment dial) and work the trimmer back and forth over your head in every direction. There’s no way to make a mistake. Over the past year I’ve easily saved at least $500 (not to mention hours of time) and my hair has never looked better… even my barber admitted he couldn’t compete on quality and wished me well. Most importantly, you’ll never have to suffer the pages of Maxim again as you wait for your turn in the chair.

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